DINOSAURS IN SPACE Paul Ritch rmxs. Play it Say it

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Play It, Say It’s second offering comes in the form of a tripping techno roller from Montreal’s Clarian, together with ‘extra bonus features’ from Paul Ritch on remix duties.

Paul Ritch delivers two powerful remixes. The first , “Dinosaurs In Space Astro Lizard's Paul Ritch Mix” (available on vinyl and digital), is a version in which Paul adds depth and groove at the same time and pace; a delicious piece of precise techno. In “Dinosaurs In Space Paul Ritch's Cosmic Fossil Mix” (available only on digital) Ritch slows it down and includes another sound perspective to the original track in a gentler techno remix.

Label: Play It Say It
Release: 11.ago.2014
Dinosaurs In Space Paul Ritch's Astro Lizard Mix
Dinosaurs In Space Paul Ritch's Cosmic Fossil Mix

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