Leon interview with Different Grooves :)

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Hello Leon, and welcome to Different Grooves

Hi guys. Thanks for having me!

Starting from your fresh own label, D-Floor, please tell to our readers the motto behind it, and how is your cooperation with partners like Pirupa (better to call him a brother maybe :-) ) and Nice7

D-floor is a project that was created between me, my brother Pirupa and Nice7

we’ve all been friends forever and we decided to start a label because we wanted to create our own brand and also give new talent the opportunity to emerge, we are 3 different artists, each with their own style, so we thought it was nice to open our own label, so each release can be different and eclectic music.

We’re doing vinyl and digital, we have a designer friend of ours, Anna Liz CauseMePain that deals with the graphics, each release will have its own history, we also want to make videos and create an authentic form of web promotion.

The first release is a good start, even now it is becoming a staple in Ibiza for DJs like Marco Carola, Solomun, Lawler, Nic Fanciulli, Carl Cox who are all very supporting. We are very happy!

We have a lot of material ready to go and have friends who want to do things with us, like Gel Abril, Tuccillo, Francisco Allendes, Llario Liburni, Mazu, Luid, Nathan Barato, Egal3 and a few others, watch this space!

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